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Certified Tool & Grinding

Certified Tool & Grinding

Our in house engineering team communicates with you step-by-step to develop a tool to meet unique specifications. From custom cutting tools and precision OEM regrinding to high performance and indexable tooling, we provide real time solutions to fit your manufacturing needs.


Our expertise doesn’t stop at cutting tools. We house a collection of equipment and technicians to expertly perform OD Grinding, 5Axis Machining, Surface Grinding, and more. We are committed to providing the highest quality quick turn tooling. We will make sure you receive a product tailored to your individual process.


We believe that it’s important to always be learning. That’s why we’ve put together a wealth of helpful resources to help you benefit from our experience.

Coating Selection Chart
High-Performance Feeds and Speeds Chart
PVD Troubleshooting Chart
Measurement Conversion Chart

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About Us

We pride ourselves on our speed, efficiency, and experience. Our team’s diverse industry knowledge will bring you solutions.

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EDGE PREP is our proprietary surface preparation process designed to reduce surface asperity for an enhanced overall PVD coating performance.

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Every industry is unique in its own way and requires a tailored approach from people who understand. Our experts have seen it all, and we’re ready to work with you to provide just what the job calls for.

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Certified Tool & Grinding is an essential supplier for our mass production orders due to their consistent quality, cost-effectiveness, and tried and trusted reputation.

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