What Is Die Casting?

Die Casting is a precise manufacturing method that is particularly distinguished by the intense force of molten metal under extremely high pressure, into a specific mold cavity that is essentially reusable. This process will create geometrically complex parts for a variety of appliances and equipment.

“There is so much more to this explanation. We all really wish schools would start explaining more to students. We all need to understand how basic things are made, in order to appreciate the effort, technology, science and exceptionalism needed to create. The beauty of engineering a piece of something from seemingly nothing. To force nature to change solid metal Feedstock into a part used to heal, fly or move. The beauty of Human Ingenuity”.

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  • Is your part’s Die Casting process efficient, regularly ensuring maximum performance parameters?
  • Is your company doing everything to improve your Die Life plus?

Die Casting has three main failure modes that seem to frequently occur:

  1. Heat Checking
  2. Crack Propagation
  3. Erosion

However, by utilizing ATM (Adhesion, Thickness, Morphology), working with an experienced coating supplier who fully comprehends the ATM process and applying a quality PVD coating with pulse arc technology, a denser material can be precisely applied to the die molds. This will result in longer runs, higher finished quality and greatly improved productivity.

Pulse arc technology – which is in conjunction with a proven Die Life enhancing process – will significantly improve your tool life, effectively reduce the heat checking, accurately prevent the crack propagation and properly provide superior erosion resistance for aluminum silicate.

If you want your die cast part to last with maximum performance, it is necessary that your part’s production process involves a skilled PVD coater who uses the highest performance, highest quality equipment that is ultimately available – such as the PVT L4.

Die Casting Manufacturing

One of the industry’s most advanced and highly effective production operations is the high pressure die casting (HPDC) process. This HPDC process is especially sufficient when manufacturing quality, complex shape castings in the manufacturing industry.

Die Casting is a particularly demanding application. Die Casting Manufacturing involves some of the industry’s hardest working equipment. This is, ultimately, due to the material and extreme process parameters that are used in the die casting procedure.

The Die Casting Procedure

The die casting process consists of manufacturing technologies that are significantly advanced. This common and frequent procedure will precisely and effectively die cast parts with a distinct non-ferrous alloy material.

Extreme force is utilized during a die cast part’s procedure. Liquified metal will be heated and injected under significant pressure, into a die cavity that is actually going to be reusable. In order for the newly created metal part to accurately solidify into its final shape, correct die design, cooling and various process parameters will need to be used. This die casting procedure has been largely perfected to eliminate any size change or difference in the dimensions and measurements of the part, after the production process.

Benefits of Using PVD Coatings in Die Casting

  1. Improved tool performance
  2. Barrier layer with unique properties, protecting the intricacies of your tool’s design – such as edges, gates and lines
  3. Decreased friction, improved flow and enhanced wear resistance
  4. Erosion resistance from materials, such as aluminum silicate
  5. Increased lubrication, less galling and better die release
  6. Best of all, the potential to significantly reduce die lubricant

Quality Vacuum Coating System

A highly qualified vacuum coating system is necessary, in order to make certain that a proper Die Casting Manufacturing process is performed.

At this time, the most progressive and innovative equipment for an advanced vacuum coating operation is the PVT-L4. This equipment involves a specific coating procedure and is composed of leading edge technology. It was particularly developed for the application of dense coatings, in various forms, with precise repeatable control of process parameters.

Characteristics Of The PVT-L4 Equipment

The PVT-L4 equipment is known as a large, commercial sized reactor that comes with excellent performance and repeatability. The L4 is part of a comprehensive robust system. This robust system is developed and intended for the production processes that are known to have harsh, complex environments. Advanced vacuum coating technologies are utilized on the L4 equipment, in order for a highly effective production environment. This will ensure that the denser coatings can be optimized specifically for Die Cast systems.

Using the L4 equipment in the Die Life coating process is going to successfully provide extreme reliability, through the repeatability of temperature management and thickness control. This is, fundamentally, due to the improved densification of the substrate and corresponding PVD coating.

Our Die Casting Solutions can take your Die Casting Manufacturing to new heights!

Tools That Ensure PVD Coatings Extend Die Life

We make your job easy by delivering repeatable Die Casting solutions. This includes tight tolerance, high performance carbide cutting tools to custom surface preparations and coatings. We can, also, precisely design tools that are suitable for the most demanding, tight tolerance applications. The quality tools that are manufactured at our facility will impress you with repeatability, performance, service and value that you don’t get from large bulk suppliers.

Die Casting Highlights

  • Reduced Use of Die Lube & Release Agents
  • Less Heat Checking | Soldering
  • Mitigated Flow Erosion to Extend Tool Life
  • Reduced Manufacturing Cycle Times

The Dayton Coating Technologies | Certified Tool & Grinding Die Life process is a custom surface preparation with a PVD coating top coat. These comprehensive and proprietary PVD Coating processes are developed to create parts that are persistently resilient to the frequent die casting challenges, that are essentially due to the particular die casting process, including heat checking, erosion and repeated maintenance. Our highly skilled team can successfully develop hard wear surface solutions, specifically tailored to your company’s unique project(s).

Our total tool room solution, for your company’s JIT manufacturing project, is going to thoroughly cover die refurbishment, surface preparation and coating. This couture process can be turned around fast, regularly delivering reliable results. Our Die Life process will guarantee that your tools are going to be as entirely prepared for your next job as you are.

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