Carbide Cutting Tools

Quality Carbide Cutting Tools With Precise Measuring

Is your company in need of quality Carbide Cutting Tools that require complete accuracy when being measured with high precision, fast production rates and repeatability?…

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Quality Order Completion

Quality Order Completion – Our New Vice President’s Main Focus

Very little is going to concern a Vice President more than high-performance manufactured products that are produced with Quality Order Completion. When Quality Order Completion…

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PVD Solutions

Repeatable PVD Solutions For Firearms & The 2022 SHOT Show

Our team, here at Dayton Coating Technologies, had the opportunity to take part in the 2022 SHOT Show, leaving with insightful takeaways for PVD Solutions….

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PVD Coating

PVD & ATM Explained – PVD Coatings Part II

Welcome to part II of understanding PVD Coatings. We will discuss how you can obtain solid repeatable results with your coating selection, avoiding the most…

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PVD Coatings

The Secret To Perfect PVD Coatings – PVD Coatings Part I

PVD coatings have proven technologies for surface modification and tribological surface enhancements. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and there are various types of PVD…

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What are Pre- & Post-Treatment? – PVD Coatings Part IV

To increase the quality and longevity of a part’s external coating, pre-and post-treatment are essential to the process. A PVD coating is only as successful…

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