Quality Order Completion – Our New Vice President’s Main Focus

Very little is going to concern a Vice President more than high-performance manufactured products that are produced with Quality Order Completion.

When Quality Order Completion is precisely and efficiently focused on, customers receive:

  1. Manufactured products delivered quickly and 100% on time
  2. Customer satisfaction with the quality of each individual order

On April 04, 2022, Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding welcomed Doug Voisard as our new Vice President.

With more than 20 years in the Premium Cutting Tools industry, Doug is a highly qualified expert in his profession. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business, from Ashland University, which greatly compliments his significant experience. He has the necessary skill set to continue successfully meeting our customers specific needs, while effectively fulfilling their expectations.

Doug has obtained various positions in the cutting tool manufacturing industry, such as:

  • Vice President of Operations
  • National Sales Manager
  • Special Application Technical Manager

“We are excited to have Doug join our team”, said company President George Korenyi-Both. “His reputation for delivering a positive impact and a commitment to service will ensure optimal growth in complex matters. Thus, ensuring that the highest quality will be delivered to our customers on a repeatable basis”.

Doug’s Cutting Tool Experience

During the course of his most recent role, as the National Sales Manager, Doug inspired and motivated the regional sales leadership team.

His efforts led him to produce an astounding growth in business revenues. He was able to efficiently drive productivity and operational changes. He even established a highly effective approach to data-driven reporting. As a result, these achievements quickly led to enhanced top line and bottom line growth throughout the business.

Doug has extensive experience and a solid understanding of Cutting Tools and the machine tooling industry. Therefore, the companies that we do business with will continue to receive Quality Order Completion. His expert knowledge combined with a strong work ethic and customer focus will create an excellent foundation, in order to successfully proceed with the growth of, both, Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding business segments.

Cutting Tool Industry Goals

Doug’s goal today, for our Cutting Tools and the machine tooling industry, is threefold.

01. Above all, he will connect with our current customers

Doug wants to understand and fully comprehend the specific needs of each individual project. This will ensure that a better understanding of the goals and objectives necessary, to offer a quality manufactured product, can be efficiently obtained.

Doug is, also, going to efficiently determine what our company is doing right, along with what we could improve on. As a result, ensuring that our customers receive quality order completion on a repeatable basis.

02. Meanwhile, he aims to simultaneously learn our company’s internal systems

Doug will precisely compile detailed information and simultaneously obtain the knowledge that is needed on our company’s internal processes, which are currently supporting each customer demographic. This will ensure that connections are being built with the companies that we do business with, continuously keeping engaged.

03. In addition, he looks forward to improving internal processes

Once Doug has compiled all of the accurate details and information necessary, he anticipates the opportunity to enhance and improve the process flow for streamlined and uniform results. He will go above and beyond in order to achieve successful business development. He wants to ensure that the companies we do business with receive the highest quality order completion.

The Importance To Quality Order Completion

In the Cutting Tools industry, quality order completion is vital for various reasons.

First and foremost, if quality order completion is precisely focused on and managed, internal processes will successfully operate with continuous repeatability. A highly optimized internal system will make certain that the companies we do business with receive the best quality and value when it comes to the completion of each individual project.

Secondly, accurate and precise quality control is the key to a manufacturing company’s brand name. Efficiently focusing on the quality of each order’s completion will allow us to offer our customers highly valuable manufactured products on a repeatable basis. Therefore, giving us the opportunity to effectively build trusted partnerships with the companies that do business with us.

When Quality Order Completion Is Our Main Focus

  • Delivery of manufactured products are always on time
  • Products are highly qualified and repeatable
  • Customers feel greatly satisfied
  • Trust is built and trusted partnerships are formed with the companies we do business with

Efficient Quality Control

From our local facility in Dayton, Ohio, we focus on providing our clients with the highest quality order completion on each individual project that we receive.

Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding, both, have diverse industry experience, successfully manufacturing projects for a variety of industries. This has allowed us to work closely with our customers, in order to properly engineer their tailored processes, accurately solving common manufacturing headaches. We also offer flexible and free pickup and delivery services. Our services will efficiently complete your project a lot faster than many manufacturers who are, also, in the Cutting Tool and machine tooling industry.

The size or precise specifications of an individual project does not matter. Whether your part is larger in size or smaller, or extremely precise and complex, our team of experts will provide the highest and best Quality, Delivery, Value and Respect to our clients.

Whether you are in need of a quote or application support, our expert engineering team is eager to assist you with your Cutting Tool application, in order to develop your unique solution. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions or unique applications that you need support with.

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