PVD Coated Tooling at The Precision Machining Technology Show

There have been continuous improvements in tooling technology.

The Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) is going to showcase advanced tooling solutions, such as our PVD Coated Tooling, as well as the latest technology in precision machining.

By making an appearance at the trade show, you will gain insight into how you can efficiently optimize your company’s machine tool performance.

The precision machined parts community is coming together to share knowledge, voice challenges, learn about new technology solutions and explore process innovations. There are going to be various precision machining professionals who will display machining demos and exhibit a wide variety of advanced tooling systems on the show floor. The precision machining technology show (PMTS) will give you the opportunity to discover the latest, state-of-the-art tooling technologies and solutions, so that you can improve the performance and longevity of your company’s machine tools.

Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding is going to showcase our precise manufacturing of PVD Coated Tooling. Our team of experts have engineered a highly effective system that, essentially, combines and merges several processes into just one, single tool solution.

Advanced Tooling Solutions

Your precision machined tools will perform better and last longer, when they are coated with a PVD Coating, specifically engineered to your unique application and process.

With a PVD coated surface, your machine tool is going to have the ability to operate at a more aggressive speed. This will, ultimately, decrease your company’s cycle time and increase productivity. In addition to that, a PVD Coating is also going to significantly prolong the tool’s life, as well as potentially improve your part’s finish.

PVD Coated Tooling

Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding have served the tri-state area for decades.

Our one-stop solution shop for Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coated Tooling includes:

  • Polishing
  • Tool Honing
  • Laser Etching
  • Special “To-Print” Cutting Tools
  • Standard Carbide End Mills
  • Tool Regrind Services
  • Carbide OD Grinding
  • CNC Machining

On top of that, our factory also contains an arsenal of equipment, which consists of numerous PVD reactors, 5-axis CNC machining, CNC cutter grinders and a variety of surface treatment technologies. Not only that, but our latest reactor technology incorporates pulsed bias and HiParc Cathode capabilities. This is going to provide smoother and denser PVD Coatings that come with far superior hot hardness, erosion resistance and, overall, toughness.

We have a diverse range of PVD Coating options that are available for your machine tools. A particular coating’s chemical composition will, essentially, determine the color of the PVD Coated Tool. The outer color layer is not always a sign of the inner construct of material.

  • Gold (TiN)
  • Rose Gold (TiCN)
  • Dark Grey (AlTiN)
  • Blue Grey (AlCrN)
  • Pale Gold (Zirconium Nitride)

In each coating, the amount of carbon may vary a little. This might result in a PVD coated tool varying, just slightly, in color. Therefore, it is important to understand that different surfaces on one individual tool, coated with the exact same coating, will appear to be slightly different in color. The slight variations in color are unlikely to impact the performance of the precision machined tool.

All of our coatings are multilayer nanocomposite structures that are suitable for various applications. There are several industries that benefit from PVD Coatings.

  • Aerospace, Launch and Satellite
  • Automotive, Stamping and Forming
  • Die Casting and Injection Molding
  • Specialty Tool and Die
  • Firearms and Defense Weapons
  • Medical, Robotic and Prosthetic
  • Military and Defense
  • Industrial

PVD Coating Process

Our quality PVD coating process is going to provide your components with improved hardness and abrasion resistance.

A PVD coating’s hardness will not affect the quality or characteristics of the material underneath. The hardness of the coating will ensure excellent abrasion resistance and a lower coefficient of friction. This is going to result in less sliding resistance, ultimately enabling faster feed rates with less wear. When you are machining, the goal is to keep the heat in the chip.

With our PVD coating process, a reliable and repeatedly thin application of coating is applied. We can guarantee that there will be no incorrect or excessive thickness acquired on your part. Our advanced engineering capabilities make it possible for us to accurately stay within tight design tolerances.

Our facility utilizes a unique cleaning system prior to the PVD coating process, making certain that every tool has a proper pre-treatment. A pre-treatment can, additionally, be applied to your tool to implement a wide range of surface finishes – a matte, semi-matte or polished surface finish. Additionally, our team will perform a pre and post inspection, to make sure that the care and quality you expect are provided throughout the coating process.

PVD Coating Attributes | ATM (Adhesion, Thickness, Morphology)

  • Adhesion: The highest levels of adhesion are provided on all surfaces and areas of a part that is being coated repeatedly and uniformly for, both, aesthetic and performance based applications. Adhesion is going to be advanced through prioritizing a consistently perfect surface preparation, first.
  • Thickness: There are various class thicknesses (I-III) per ASTM 2444. Specifications normally range 1-3 microns, but can go up to six. A smooth, dense deposition of nanostructured multilayered materials create tough and repeatable structured layers. The sequenced surface asperity reduction is going to result in low friction coefficients, minimizing friction losses.
  • Morphology: The latest materials and processes are efficiently used. Composite structures will come with reduced macro particles. There is going to be zero environmental impact, as well. Reliable OEM sourced, HIP alloys and solid raw materials, with the highest purities available.
  • A solid and repeatable stoichiometric balance will be on complex 3-D geometries, through Pre and Post coating processes, in order to condition surface attributes repeatedly.
  • Ability to mask regions where no coating is desired.

Aside from our superior PVD Coating Systems, we additionally feature solid vertical integration of value added services, providing significant lead time reduction. This offers your tool a full suite of treatment solutions. As a package, we can even ship a certified finished product for you, directly to your customer, as an added advantage for a trusted partner.

Quality PVD Coated Tools

Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding continues to grow and expand, ensuring that our customers receive high quality and high performance products with precision and accuracy.

Our One-Stop Full Service PVD Coating Solution – provided by an expert, professional engineering team – allows us to offer you Best In Class customer service, coupled with advanced technical solutions for all of your manufacturing needs.

With every step of the PVD coating process, our team is here to give you peace of mind. We will make certain that your parts enter into an efficient work flow, with value added at each step and in a timely manner. You will be fully involved with as much or as little of the entire PVD Coating process that interests you. Different customers value different levels of involvement – it’s up to you.

Come and join Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding at the trade show April 18 through April 20, at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland. Take part in understanding the latest, most advanced machine tool technologies in the tooling industry. Find the right tooling solutions that your company needs, in order to improve productivity and performance within your facility.

Whether you are in need of a quote or application support, our expert engineering team is eager to assist you with your cutting application, in order to successfully develop your company’s unique solution. Our highly skilled coating team is dedicated to providing you with real PVD Coating solutions. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, accuracy, repeatability and delivery.

Contact our team if you have any questions or a unique application that you need support with. You can also follow our Dayton Coating | Certified Tool & Grinding LinkedIn page, to stay up to date with industry trends and news.