Quality Carbide Cutting Tool With Precise Measuring

Is your company in need of quality Carbide Cutting Tools that require complete accuracy when being measured with high precision, fast production rates and repeatability?

Has your company previously experienced a delay in receiving quality cutting tools, due to a slow production process?

Certified Tool & Grinding is constantly searching for new and efficient technologies and processes to consistently increase and improve the quality and accuracy of the cutting tools produced at our facility. Quality, delivery, value and respect is our core mission and our priority for each and every company that we do business with.

Precise Measuring Machinery

Is it necessary for your carbide cutting tools to undergo a detailed measuring process that repeatedly operates with high precision?

We are proud to announce the successful implementation of a highly effective measuring machine. Our quality lab has expanded our capabilities by adding a Zoller smartCheck machine to the ranks.

A Zoller machine is known as a universal measuring machine that precisely measures and efficiently inspects all of the carbide cutting tools produced at our machine shop. This measuring application, also, successfully optimizes the production process of our cutting tools. Thus, enabling us to offer cutting tools that are manufactured with the highest quality, accuracy, precision and consistency.

This comprehensive measuring machine provides a fast and repeatable inspection, ensuring that all types of cutting tools are properly measured, completely and quickly. We are driven by the need to constantly improve on continuously supplying quality and high performance carbide cutting tools to all of our customers.

Zoller Machine Highlights

Is your company seeking highly efficient carbide cutting tools that will repeatedly offer high performance?

The Zoller measuring machine provides every cutting tool, that we produce at our machine shop, with maximum performance.

Machining System That Is Universal

The Zoller machine operates as a universal system, in order for the precise manufacturing process of carbide cutting tools.

This machinery will effectively measure all cutting tools, precisely analyze the tools, as well as accurately inspect each tool. The smartCheck universal system will efficiently record necessary data. As a result, allowing our team of experts to fully analyze the measurements and inspections of each and every cutting tool, in great detail.

Operates With A Precise Camera

A highly effective component of the Zoller measuring system is the camera.

The camera will precisely swivel when the machinery is in operation. Thus, providing an efficient measuring process for all cutting tools. This measuring instrument consists of an image light processing software and an LED illumination feature. Therefore, offering carbide cutting tools a precise inspection process, as well.

Method For Documentation

The Zoller measuring machine will arrange a complete, quality inspection and a detailed evaluation of all types of cutting tools.

Substantial documentation is automatically generated, as well as automatically saved, in order for a thorough inspection report to be accurately produced. It will offer a precise, sectional viewing of each individual cutting tool. The sectional viewing will allow for a detailed analysis of all carbide cutting tools being produced at our facility.

This highly effective piece of equipment offers a user-independent manufacturing process. For that reason, it can easily and simply inspect, measure and document every cutting tool that our machine shop manufacturers. The entire process can be completed with just the click of a computer’s mouse. Thus, allowing our facility to provide a streamlined production process that is fast and efficient, offering quick delivery and highly qualified carbide cutting tools to all of our customers.

Quality Carbide Cutting Tools

The high performance Zoller measuring machine will enable our team of cutting tool professionals to precisely save valuable time and accurately eliminate unnecessary reworking. Therefore, making certain that your company receives your cutting tools faster. That being the case, production would begin sooner and your tool’s process would run longer. Each individual cutting tool we manufacture will provide the highest performance, through a highly effective and repeatable process.

Trust us with your repetitive, lower volume cutting tool needs. Our machine shop is located in Dayton, Ohio and our team of experts offer exceptional machining, surface finishing and grinding work. Our comprehensive offerings will provide your company with custom machining solutions or regular services, yielding fast turnaround times that do not compromise quality.

Your success is our success and we value our partnerships with each and every company that chooses to do business with us!

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