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24-Hour Quote Turn-Around

Your time is important.

We are a quick turn PVD Coating facility, providing the fastest turnaround in our industry.

Our PVD coating services can guarantee a high quality solution that is tailored to your particular coating application. We offer a variety of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating options that are going to keep your precision machined parts effectively performing at their best. With our custom engineered surface preparations, your tool life will be extended and your manufacturing processes are going to improve. Our diverse industry experience and expertise is what gives us the ability to help you succeed at each step of your part process.

Our PVD Hard Coating Services Include:

  • Standard Coatings
  • Edge Prep
  • PVD Lube

When you need quality and repeatable precision, not just any cutting tool will do.

You deserve peace of mind.

For over 35 years, we have been an industry leader in unique geometry | special cutting tool design and OEM tool refurbishment. We can assure you the right tooling solution for the job. We manufacture cutting tools that are highly qualified, reliable and dependable. Our premium Cutting Tools are going to consistently guarantee high performance.

We have a wide variety of diverse capabilities, which include:

  • Surface Preparation
  • In-House PVD Coating
  • OD Grinding
  • Part Machining

We Are Here To Get Your Project Done Quickly & Correctly

Dayton Coating Technologies | Certified Tool & Grinding is here to be your one-stop solution shop, for all of your Cutting Tool & PVD Coating needs.
We offer concierge service and on-site training, to make sure that all of your requirements are efficiently met.


Precise Engineering

Our value is in the engineering and services that are for your cutting tools and PVD coatings. We have an in-depth understanding of tooling tolerances - more specifically, the value in a tool's tolerance. Thus, your tool is going to operate with consistent and predictable performance.


Fast Delivery

We offer the fastest turnaround in our industry. From the quoting process to shipping, we successfully and quickly get your project back to you in a timely manner. Therefore, you are going to, ultimately, have less downtime.


Highest Quality

Our highly advanced and industry leading equipment is continuously producing the best quality tools and coatings. Our facility can assure you that great care will be taken, when handling your parts. We are consistently providing precise, repeatable products and services.

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Customer Service

Your time is important! We respect your time, parts and needs, while providing you with the best solution that is possible. Our team of engineers work hard, in order to quickly and uniquely engineer a solution for your manufacturing company's production operations.

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