Metal Packaging

Smooth coatings and repeatable performance are only a few benefits offered by our premier Bev Coatings. With our combination of vertically integrated services, surface preparations and a highly disciplined team, we help you make an exceptional finished product, on time, every time. Highlights:

  • Delicate Score Line Care
  • Smooth Surface Finishes
  • 100% Inspection
  • Reduced Edge Build-Up
  • Cutting Tools Engineered Specifically for Food & Beverage Tooling Characteristics
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Metal Packaging PVD BENEFITS

  • Improved instrument performance
  • Barrier layer for various solutions
  • Decreased friction with improved wear resistance
Golden Casting Rows


Strong historical record of results with 100% incoming / outgoing inspection

Our Bev Classic process provides a highly repeatable line of standard composite structure PVD coatings with 100% pre and post-production inspection and a recorded history of dynamic results. This highly repeatable, uniform line of coating includes TiN, AlTiN, TiCN, and others that are tailored for food & beverage industry tooling.


A new solution to some old challenges. A coating that can last for various super high precision applications

This leading-edge tool room solution produces a highly repeatable coating for polished parts. Smart Bev is an all-inclusive process that includes deburring and inspection combined with super lattice, erosion-resistant, PVD products such as AlCrN-HC.

Food & Bev


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