PVD & ATM Explained – PVD Coatings Part II

PVD Coating

Welcome to part II of understanding PVD Coatings. We will discuss how you can obtain solid repeatable results with your coating selection, avoiding the most common mistakes and sales gimmicks. Following the ATM acronym, you will benefit from a better understanding of “how” and “why” your changes matter so you can apply them to other…

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The Secret To Perfect PVD Coatings – PVD Coatings Part I

PVD Coatings

PVD coatings have proven technologies for surface modification and tribological surface enhancements. PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition and there are various types of PVD coatings available. The Cathodic Arc PVD coating is the best choice for wear and erosion resistance and repeatable levels of high performance. As a result, certain standards must be met…

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