PVD & ATM Explained – PVD Coatings Part II

PVD Coatings

Welcome to part II of understanding PVD Coatings. We will discuss how you can obtain solid and repeatable results with your coating selection, while avoiding the most common mistakes and sales gimmicks. Following the ATM acronym, you will benefit from a better understanding of “how” and “why” your changes matter, so that you can apply…

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The Secret To Perfect PVD Coatings – Part I

Perfect PVD Coatings

PVD Coatings have successfully proven technologies for surface modification and tribological surface enhancements. PVD refers to Physical Vapor Deposition. There are various types of PVD coating options available today. Therefore, certain standards must be met, with proper substrate and application parameters, in order to create perfect PVD Coatings. The Cathodic Arc PVD Coating Can Guarantee:…

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What are Pre- & Post-Treatment? – PVD Coatings Part IV

To increase the quality and longevity of a part’s external coating, pre-and post-treatment are essential to the process. A PVD coating is only as successful as the thoroughness of each process step. Post coating use or the “application” is only part of the equation. An excellent coating provider partner will also strive to understand your…

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A Clean Surface Is Critical – PVD Coatings Part III

Part III to PVD Coatings brings us to gain a deeper understanding of PVD coatings and how the manufacturing process could result in an undesirable surface to coat. As an educated customer, you will save time and money by having a base understanding to choose an experienced PVD provider. With a quality PVD provider, you…

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President George Korenyi-Both spoke with the Dayton Daily News regarding overcoming obstacles

Tornadoes. Heart surgeries. A house fire. A worldwide pandemic. Dayton businessman George Korenyi-Both and his family have seen all of it and more. It isn’t stopping him. Well before the pandemic, Korenyi-Both, president of Dayton Coating Technologies, acquired Certified Tool & Grinding, and more recently, he placed both companies under one roof allowing for an…

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