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Specialty Tool & Die

Specialty Tool and Die

With proper care, every cutting tool is built to last. Our industry-leading proprietary coatings are designed to ensure your specialty tool and die equipment will stand the test of time.

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Custom Tools

Designed for certain materials. Coating, geometry, and finish tuned for specific applications and materials.

Red Line Tools

Offset harmonics with special angles, exclusive flute design allows lower cutting forces with improved finishes.

Blue Line Tools

Easier to use than inconsistent DLC coated tools.

Green Line Tools

High feed rates with deep polished flutes. Extreme transverse rupture strength with optimized MRR.

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Special Tools To Print. Coating or Carbide Tool Manufacturing

In house coating of specials made from either your own design or modified standards.

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OEM tool Refurbishment program making millions of coated tools new again.

Tools refurbished to “like new” performance levels for various makes models and brands. Repeatable performance with reliable delivery.

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