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Medical, Robotic, and Prosthetic

Medical Component Coating

From biocompatible coatings to high-performance tools used in medical part production, we have the perfect manufacturing solution for your operation. We are experienced with selective medical quality requirements and provide rigid technical solutions. All instruments and coatings are 100% inspected pre and post production and processed with specialized quality procedures by our on-staff tribological engineering support team.


  • Tight, Precision Masking
  • Superior Coating Adhesion
  • Experts at Working with 300 Series Substrate
  • Medical Part and Coating Training Available
  • Medical Part Manufacturing Specifications Available for Purchase
  • Erosion Resistant Parts with Correlative Thickness Control
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Medical, Robotic, & Prosthetic PVD Benefits

  • Improved Instrument Performance
  • Barrier Layer for Various Solutions
  • Decreased Friction with Improved Wear Resistance
  • Excellent erosion resistance
  • Increased lubricity
  • Autoclave Compatible

Medspec Coating

This high quality, biomedically tested Instrument coating line is validated for 24 hour exposure. Precision, tight masking ensures coating is applied only to critical areas of your instrument leaving a clean masking line and reliable surface.

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Our high-performance redline tools and carbide end mills are tailored to medical machining applications and engineered to manufacture specialized, medical-grade stainless steel materials.

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MedTool Complete

Precision cutting tool and turnkey tool packages engineered for your specific production process. These high performance cutting tools are used in various operations from surgeries to medical component production.

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Use the PVD Troubleshooting Chart

Product Specific Solutions

Our chart makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your problems based on the products we have available.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Sometimes it’s helpful to start with the need. We have helpful charts that do just that based on your specific industry.

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What others say

The Dayton Coating team is quite responsive in times of need, and there are certainly benefits to having a local manufacturer that’s been in the coating business for years.

Canmaking Machinery Customer