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Automotive, Stamping, and Forming

Automotive Component Coating

The automotive industry requires immediate solutions to demanding manufacturing processes. We are your partner for surface preparations and PVD Coating applications with repeatable, reliable solutions, services and products. Our proprietary automotive processes reduce friction and wear on high heat performance parts with no size change. Our engineers work with you to develop a individual surface treatment to reduce energy loss, prevent erosion, and maintain high performance.


  • Significant Reduction in Die Lube
  • Improved Flow with Lower Pressure
  • Reduced Wear
  • Added Lubricity
  • Reduced Galling, Reducing Size Change
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Automotive, Stamping, and Forming PVD Benefits

  • Improved instrument performance
  • Barrier layer for various solutions
  • Decreased friction with improved wear resistance

Automotive Parts Manufacturing Cutting Tools

Custom features require specific tools. Our vertically integrated solutions include making custom, multi-feature combination cutting tools. Our engineers develop tooling and drawings, build tools from print, and return highly repeatable, reliable finished products.

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What others say

The Dayton Coating team is quite responsive in times of need, and there are certainly benefits to having a local manufacturer that’s been in the coating business for years.

Canmaking Machinery Customer