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Quick Turnaround, Fast Delivery

We offer diverse services developed to support customers with quality job completion. Our team of specialists are in touch with you and provide a custom service tailored to your individual needs. From tool design and testing to surface preparation, PVD coating, and fast delivery, we have the expertise and ability to help you succeed at each step of your part process.

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Premium Cutting Tools

Our premium cutting tools are designed for your job-specific application and exceed industry standards in both wear resistance and repeatability.

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Use the PVD Troubleshooting Chart

Product Specific Solutions

Our chart makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your problems based on the products we have available.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Sometimes it’s helpful to start with the need. We have helpful charts that do just that based on your specific industry.

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Fast Delivery

Your time is important. We proudly offer the fastest turnaround in our industry and provide flexible, free local pickup and delivery services. Contact us today to see when we will be in your area.

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PVD Coating

We offer over 150 PVD coating formulations giving you a world of options to keep your precision parts performing at their peak.

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Additional Services

JTV Program

Whether it’s on-site, our site, or off-site; our tool vending solutions are easy and hassle-free. Your orders are repeatable and ready for you to reduce costs without exclusivity.

Carbide Recycling

This program allows you to use our carbide buyback applied towards your tool orders creating valuable tool room savings.

Short Run Manufacturing

We provide various manufacturing (CNC machining, grinding, sharpening) so you can focus on running your centers at maximum shop rates.

Vertical Integration

Machining, Grinding, Polishing, Heat Treating, and more to improve your finished product delivery.

Tool Part Spec

From basic time-consuming setups to the most advanced components, our engineers can design and deliver a complete finished progressive multifunction tool package

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What others say

The Dayton Coating team is quite responsive in times of need, and there are certainly benefits to having a local manufacturer that’s been in the coating business for years.

Canmaking Machinery Customer

Ready to find the Perfect Fit? 24-hour quote turn around.

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