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Firearms and Defense Weapons

Firearems  + Weapons (FFL)

The engineering and power behind weapons and firearms make the need for serious treatment and tooling solutions essential. Our industry-leading services and pro staff are seriously capable.

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Firearms & Defense Weapons PVD Benefits

  • Improved performance
  • Barrier layer for various solutions and environmental exposures
  • Decreased friction with improved wear resistance
  • Distinct color identification

FFL 45

Made to handle the rigors of classic competition

This classic coating with an underlying nanostructured PVD process is made to handle the rigors of competition and has a beautiful functional finish.

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FFL 308

Created to support power-related wear issues

A gray dense nano structured PVD mat or reflective finish that can handle both wear and impact.

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Use the PVD Troubleshooting Chart

Product Specific Solutions

Our chart makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your problems based on the products we have available.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Sometimes it’s helpful to start with the need. We have helpful charts that do just that based on your specific industry.

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FFL 223

Sustained Performance in demanding environments

Treated superlattice, high-performance dense PVD coating for the most demanding environments.

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FFL Magnum

High Performance cutting tools for specialized alloys

Cutting tools specifically designed for the machining of specialized firearm alloys. Tools can be designed to customer supplied part geometry.

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What others say

The Dayton Coating team is quite responsive in times of need, and there are certainly benefits to having a local manufacturer that’s been in the coating business for years.

Canmaking Machinery Customer