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Aerospace, Launch, and Satellite

Aerospace Component Coating

With the amount of science that goes into aerospace technology, precision, superior adhesion, and product balance are imperative. Our vertically integrated services with lot control certifications and supreme PVD coatings solve an array of common problems associated with tooling and repeatability within the aerospace manufacturing industry.

  • Extremely reliable and repeatable process
  • Custom coating formulations available for niche applications
  • Specialty, high-performance cutting tool engineering
PVD coating selection chart

Aerospace, Launch and Satellite Coating Benefits

  • Superior Adhesion, Total Tribological Engineering Support
  • Excellent Thickness Control, High-Value Commercial Reactors
  • Anti Galling and Anti Fretting Properties
  • Reliable Delivery with Responsive Customer Service
  • Total Lot Control, Last minutes changes are no problem
  • Repeatable Predictable Performance


PVD Coating Diffusion process for specialty alloys, Cathodic arc high-density materials

Aerofuse is a total process that includes surface conditioning, PVD coating, and structural diffusion to enhance ductility, erosion, and wear of special alloys. Our proprietary process enhances component safety margins, tool life, and performance limits.

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Use the PVD Troubleshooting Chart

Product Specific Solutions

Our chart makes it easy to find the perfect solution for your problems based on the products we have available.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Sometimes it’s helpful to start with the need. We have helpful charts that do just that based on your specific industry.

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PVD Array

AMS 2444 application of multilayered Cathodic Arc PVD coating of various metallurgical and stoichiometric balances

Our impressively broad array of PVD coatings are applied in a highly repeatable tight tolerance process. We have implemented a disciplined mechanism of lot control with extensive pre and post-production inspection because we understand aerospace manufacturing requirements.

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Custom made high performance Green, Blue, and Red line tools

Our highest performance tools are engineered to cut tough materials such as graphite or Inconel and are finished with a specific edge prep to maximize your operation. All tools can be modified to special cutting dimensions that fit your manufacturing requirements. These Green, Blue, and Red line tools are color-coded to match geometry characteristically linked to material for easy identification, repeatable refurbishing, and effortless reordering.

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What others say

The Dayton Coating team is quite responsive in times of need, and there are certainly benefits to having a local manufacturer that’s been in the coating business for years.

Canmaking Machinery Customer